Frequently Asked Questions

If it makes you feel any better, you are probably (definitely) not the only person with that question lingering in your brain right now. Read on to see if you can find what you’re looking for, and if not, drop us a mail and we’ll help.

Do I need to register my business?

Not necessarily. A business which is run as a sole proprietor is as legit as one trading in a formally registered company. Often there are some advantages from a record keeping and tax point perspective in formally registering a business. The best way to ascertain the necessity of registration is to get in touch so we can take it from there.

I have never submitted any tax returns – am I in trouble?

Look, it’s always best to stay compliant and file your returns as required by SARS, but it’s definitely better to find out about any penalties or charges sooner rather than later. That way, we can nip something in the bud before it gets out of control.

Having said that, more often than not, getting your tax affairs in order is a rather simple process. In some cases you might even end up with SARS owing you money you did not even know is due back to you! Score!

All my friends are talking about their tax refunds – I want one too…

The basic rule is that you cannot get tax back from SARS if you haven’t paid any tax to SARS to begin with. If you did make contact then we can check it out for you. As an added bonus, you get the peace of mind that your tax affairs are all in order and up to date! It’s like the financial equivalent of coming home to a clean house. Trust me.

I don’t make that much money – do I really need an accountant?

You could take care of your own accounting stuff but here’s a thought:

When you are not feeling well you consult a doctor as they usually know better and not doing so could be risky. So why not see accounting stuff in the same light? Let us help you out on the finance side of things so you can do you.

Aren’t accountants super expensive?

Of course there are super expensive accountants out there but it’s not the game we are playing at C-Consult Inc. Our goal is to provide an efficient and cost effective solution specifically to small to medium sized businesses. So whether your budget is R2,000 or R200,000 – let’s chat!

I have this brilliant idea which I am sure will make a great business. But where do I start?

Your first starting point should be to send us an email. Let’s grab a coffee (or even a glass of wine if you’d prefer) and talk about what you have in mind and we take it from there. Usually, there is no charge for these initial chats. Maybe we’ll even pick up the tab for the drink. 😉

The easiest way to find out is to ask