Here are some of the things we can assist you with.


Whenever a business employs staff, there is an obligation to make certain deductions off of the salary it pays its staff members. These deductions are then paid to SARS (in the form of PAYE) or Department of Labour (in the form of UIF). Usually a payslip is given to a staff member at the end of each month showing the gross salary less the deductions made and the net amount is then paid out to the staff member. Once every 6 months a reconciliation is due to SARS that summarises these calculations and ensures the calculations are done correctly. In addition, once a year, a reconciliation is done for the full tax year and an IRP5/IT3 certificate is issued to each staff member showing the total salary earned for the tax year, which then needs to be submitted (in certain cases) to SARS by the staff member as part of a personal tax return.

Business Compliance

Every business (whether it is formally registered, or just an individual trading in his own capacity) has certain responsibilities towards SARS (South African Revenue Services), CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission), Department of Labour and other industry specific organisations. Each of these entities has their own format for submission, deadline and consequences if not adhered to. We can assist with making sure your business stay compliant (and prevent the payment of unnecessary penalties) by taking care of these administrative burdens for you as and when they are due.

Monthly Accounting

As part of the compliance requirements mentioned beside, a business is supposed to keep a record of all transactions occurring on a day to day basis. But more than being a compliance issue, most business owners would like to know whether their business is actually making a profit. And they would also like to know of any tax liabilities building up, so that they can plan accordingly or make a (legit) plan to avoid paying too much tax. This is where the monthly accounting function offered comes in – a list of tasks can be agreed upon and also the frequency (quarterly vs monthly or bi-monthly) to customise a package deal which will ensure compliance and also a set of useful reports to assist in budgeting and general management of the business.

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